TestimonialsHere are comments from a few of our clients and audience members.

"Your performance was phenomenal! We are very happy! I especially liked the Billy Joel song, which was very fitting. Again, we were so very happy with The Singing Angels and all you do for us. Our attendees had nothing but glowing reviews of the Angels’ performance."
Ilia Estremera
Event Coordinator
Cornerstone of Hope

"I’m glad everyone had a great time! Yes your performance was great, I think everyone loved it! We would love to have you out next year! Feel free to give me a call in the offseason if you want to start looking at dates to bring your group out next season! Thanks!"
Collin DeJong
Box Office Manager
Lake Erie Crushers

"So great! Your group is always fantastic!!!"
Jackie Plys
Senior Manager, Ticket Sales
Cleveland Indians

"Monday's festivities were live-streamed around the world, and seen literally by hundreds of thousands of people. A special message from Deborah Davis, who, along with her sons, were so kind and helpful in leading us to everywhere we had to go! I'm sure the parents have heard this several times but please pass on to them and the kids once again from us, how impressed we were with each and every one of them! Great listeners, great manners and the way they interacted with one another was so enjoyable to watch; such leadership. Not to mention the most obvious of all, their amazing voices...true talent."
LeBron James “I Promise” School

"We were pleased with the kids singing. We will be putting together our program for next year and I am sure we will invite you back. I know it was hot hopefully next year we will have better weather. Please tell the kids what an outstanding job they did. They are very much appreciated."
Bob Haas

"The Singing Angels did a fantastic job at Philanthropia, we couldn’t be more pleased with their/your performance!"
Bryce Humbarger
Director of Marketing
Executive Caterers - Landerhaven

"Thank you so very much for the amazing gift of the Singing Angels performance today at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. Your and the children's energy with the holiday spirit and music has left us all smiling. I have spoken to parents, families and staff here at the hospital as I was passing through the lobby after the performance and the music touched so many with joy of the season. The kids and families who were unable to come down to the Performance Area were equally touched and energized by seeing and hearing the performance. As I predicted, they were all singing along and dancing in their rooms by the end of the show. Thank you again for sharing your time and talents to make this Christmas season brighter for the patients, families and staff here at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. May you, the children and all of your families have a blessed and restful holiday!! Best wishes on your 50th Year Celebrations."
Mary Ann Dragon, RN, BSN, MBA
Director, Patient and Family Services
Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital

"I was the Tournament Director for the National Hockey Tournament held last weekend at Gilmour Academy and Mentor Civic Arena. The Cleveland Sports Commission were my partners in putting on this event. First of all, I cannot express the joy and how proud to say the "Angels" are from Cleveland! Your group made my tournament. Their rendition of our National Anthem was moving to say the least. All of the teams were moved and all they talked about the next day was the group's performance. You must be very proud of them as all of us Cleveland natives are! USA Hockey's Directors that were here were simply blown away. Thank you for a GREAT performance by a truly remarkable group of kids!"
Greg Shantery, National Tournament Chair
USA Hockey Tier II Under 18 National Championships

"Thanks for what The Singing Angels do and have done for our community. The Angels are such an asset and I hope my posting of the 1973 Lord’s Prayer reminds folks what a pillar The Singing Angels are to Cleveland." Video
Tom Livingston

"This is a very good product. Absolutely fabulous. High quality. This choral group would be an object of pride for any city in the country. What a wonderful resource this is for Cleveland and the region."
Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, General Operating Support Panel Review
by eight independent experts from out-of-state, May 26, 2010